Be faster! YanengBIO's rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction solution is helping to win the tough battle against COVID-19



Since October 17, 2021, this wave of epidemics caused by "tourists" in the Northwest China, and subsequent spreads in border cities such as Heilongjiang province and Yunnan province, has infected more than 700 cases within only half month.

Unlike the previous local epidemics, which were mostly affected in a very limited area, this wave of epidemics spread rapidly across provinces within a few days. The epidemic spread so fast that fully exposed the potential risk of port cities and tourist cities under the epidemic. For these cities, rapid nucleic acid testing is still a significant method to control the epidemic.

To improve nucleic acid testing capabilities in some regions, the National Health Commission issued the
on October 25, emphasizing the "24-hour nucleic acid testing services" and further shorten the time to get PCR results, it requires to issue the report within 6 hours, effectively ensure nucleic acid testing services.

For large-population screening, the optimization of each step in the detection process will bring about an increase in efficiency. Among them, the design of sample pre-processing step, especially the nucleic acid extraction, can significantly improve the overall testing efficiency. YanengBIO Respiratory Pathogen Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent (Model: MNP) is simple to operate, it only takes 3 steps to complete the extraction within 10 minutes after sample added, which effectively improves the efficiency of screening and helps prevent and control epidemics.

For laboratories or mobile testing vehicles with a large amount of testing, MNP nucleic acid extraction reagents have a customized large-packaging, unique unpacking-free design can reduce medical waste, and improve the efficiency of the overall process. In this epidemic, YanengBIO strive to help the central laboratories to control the epidemic in Inner Mongolia, Gansu province, and Heilongjiang province, speed up large-population screening, and strive to control the epidemic as quickly as possible.


YanengBIO can provide a total solution for COVID-19 Nucleic Acid detection solution. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, continuously improving nucleic acid testing capabilities, and screening efficiency.



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