PCR Consumables

Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent -- MNP

Certificate: IVDR \ FDA

Adaptable instruments

*Most of the Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument with upper magnetic beads methods is adaptable, using square deep-well and pointy bottom.
(All-Sheng Auto-Pure 96; Thermofishe KingFisher Flex)

General Specification

Methodology: Magnetic Beads
Sample Type: 

  • upper respiratory tract specimens (including oral swabs, throat swabs, nasal swabs, nasopharyngeal extracts)
  • lower respiratory tract specimens (including deep cough sputum, respiratory tract extracts bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, alveolar lavage fluid)
  • cervical exfoliated cells
  • vaginal swab
  • swabs and skin swabs

Precision: CV <10%
LoD: 1 μg
Rapid Mode: 13 mins
Normao Mode: 35 mins

Packing Specifications

16 preps/plate, 6 plates/kit 96 preps/plate, 1 plate/kit 100 preps/kit, manuall

Interchangeable of Ingredient

The components in different batches of reagents can be used interchangeably within the validity period.



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