SLAN Real-Time PCR System

Clinical Application

It is used for the diagnosis and efficacy evaluation of various clinical diseases. At present, there are a variety of commercial detection kits on the market. Compared with traditional immunization or culture methods, fluorescence quantitative PCR method has the advantages of high sensitivity, good reproducibility, less sampling, and quickness and simplicity. In scientific research, fluorescence quantitative PCR technology can be used for allele analysis, SNP, methylation detection, and RNAi gene inactivation detection.

General Specification

Product model: SLAN-48P / SLAN-96P / SLAN-96S
Channel: 4channels; 6 channels
Correlation coefficient: -0.999~-1.000
Reproducibility: CV < 0.5%
Sensitivity: 1 copy
Broad dynamic range: 1 ~ 10E10 copies/ml
High resolution: easily discriminate between 1000 and 2000 copie

Capacity: 96/48 wells
Time-to-get result: 50min

Demonstration of Results

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