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p16/Ki67 Dual-Staining kit -- p16/Ki67

Clinical Application

The focus of clinical screening is to detect HSIL for intervention and treatment. Therefore, screening methods with high specificity and high sensitivity should be used to avoid missed diagnosis. As one of the methods in the new mode of cervical cancer screening, p16/Ki-67 dual staining test can further triage patients, detect HSIL lesions more accurately, reduce missed detection, and maximize the benefits of screening.

P16/Ki-67 dual staining has high sensitivity and specificity, suitable for opportunistic screening, and has good effect in combination with cytology.

General Specification

Methodology: Immunohistochemistry
Sample Type: Exfoliate Cervical Cell / LBC Specimen
Clinical Sensitivity: 96%
Clinical Specificity: 78.4%

Demonstration of Results

Clinical Case:
Female, 41y                             HPV: 52+,66+
TCT: NILM                                p16/Ki-67: +
cytology: CINⅢ

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