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HPV Genotyping Self-sampling Kit -- HPVSK

Clinical Application

Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor that seriously endangers women's health, and human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing is an important method for cervical cancer screening. At present, HPV testing is mainly performed by clinicians, but due to factors such as the knowledge level and policies, some people cannot be screened for cervical cancer in a timely and effective manner. Compared with traditional clinical sampling and testing, the results of HPV self-sampling testing have higher consistency, and have the advantages of strong privacy, comfort, less pain, and less cost, which increase the enthusiasm of women to participate in HPV screening.
At present, many countries attach great importance to HPV self-sampling, and strive to incorporate it into their national screening plans to increase the prevalence of HPV screening, thereby benefiting more women.

General Specification

Methodology: Home-use self-sampling
Sample Type: Exfoliate Cervical Cell 


Operational direction


1. Confirm the package is complete before use.

2. Put on the gloves and half-sit on chair. Open the Preservation Tube cap and place it
on a clear surface nearby.
3. Take out the brush, remove the cap and gently insert the top of the brush into the vagina until
the safety plate touches labia. Hold the brush whilst slowly push forward the grip. You will hear
and feel a ‘Click’ when the sponge head is fully pushed out. 
4. Gently rotate the grip 5 times in the same direction. For each cycle you will hear and feel a ‘Click’.
5. Take sample brush out of the body. Insert the sponge head into the tube, break point against
the bottleneck and break the sponge head directly in the tube. Screw the tube cap tightly and prepare
for delivery.
6. Place the sample tube in the sample transport bag. Fill in the information card.
Put the sample transport bag together with the information card into the yellow bag
and send it to the designated laboratory.
7. Discard the used sample brush in the toilet hygiene trash can.

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