Thalassemia and other Genetic Diseases

非缺失型α-地貧 1
非缺失型α-地貧 2

Nondeletion Alpha Thalassemia Genotyping Kit -- dαTHA-RDB

Clinical Application

Alpha-thalassemia (α-thalassemia) is a kind of monogenic inheritance hemopathy due to expression imbalance of peptide chain caused by alpha -globin gene mutation of locus 16p13.3 of No. 16 chromosome. The common alpha -globin gene mutation types are three deletion types of -- SEA, -α 3.7 and -α 4.2 and three non-deletion types of αCSα, αQSα and αWSα.

Intended Use

This kit is used for the qualitative detection of human whole blood genomic DNA sample, which can detect the 3 common sorts of non-deletion type alpha-thalassemia gene mutation (αTthalassemia): αConstant Springα CSα), αQuong Szeα (αQSα) and αWestmeadα (αWSα).

General Specification

Methodology: PCR-Reverse Dot Blot
Sample Type: anti-coagulation whole blood
Precision: CV <5%
LoD: 10 ng/μL

Packing Specifications

25 tests/kit (single test/tube) 25 tests/kit (non-single test/tube) 48 tests/lit (non-single test/tube)

Demonstration of Results

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