Thalassemia and other Genetic Diseases

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Beta Thalassemia genotyping kit -- βTHA-RDB

Clinical Application

Beta-mediterranean anemia (β-thalassemia) is a kind of monogenic inheritance hemopathy due to expression imbalance of peptide chain caused by β-globin gene mutation. It is mostly caused by β-globin gene mutation. The commonly seen mutation sites are CD41/42, IVS-Ⅱ-654, -28, CD71/72, etc.

Intended Use

This kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of human whole blood genomic DNA sample, which can detect 17 kinds of mutations of β-globin, including 10 kinds of heterozygous mutation (41-42M/N, 654M/N, -28M/N, 71-72M/N, 17M/N, βEM/N, 43M/N, -29M/N, 31M/N and -32M/N) and  7 kinds  of mutations which  don't  distinguish types  (IVS-I- 1M,  27/28M,  -30M,  14- 15M, CAPM, IntM and IVS-I-5M).

General Specification

Methodology: PCR-Reverse Dot Blot
Sample Type: anti-coagulation whole blood
Precision: CV <5%
LoD: 2 ng/μL

Packing Specifications

25 tests/kit (single test/tube) 25 tests/kit (non-single test/tube) 48 tests/lit (non-single test/tube)

Demonstration of Results

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