Thalassemia and other Genetic Diseases

缺失型α 地貧

Deletion Alpha Thalassemia Gene Assay Kit -- dαTHA-MMC

Clinical Application

Alpha thalassemia (α-thalassemia) is a kind of monogenic inheritance hemopathy due to expression imbalance of peptide chain caused by alpha-globin gene mutation. It is one of the most common and most harmful inherited diseases in various provinces in the south of China. The common alpha-globin gene mutation types among Chinese are mainly three deletion types of -α3.7, -α4.2  and --SEA . In addition, there was one of the deletion type α-thalassemia has also been reported in China, --THAI .

Intended Use

This kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of whether human whole blood DNA sample is with alpha thalassemia deleted gene, which can detect four kinds of deletion types of alpha thalassemia SEA THAI (-α3.7 , -α4.2 , -- SEA, --THAI ) simultaneously.

Packing Specifications

24 tests/kit 48 tests/kit 

General Specification

Methodology: Real-Time PCR, PCR- Multicolor Melting Curve
Sample Type: anti-coagulation whole blood
Precision: CV <1%
LoD: 0.5 ng/μL

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